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About Us

Back in 1993, Barbara Gray had a moment of clarity (no pun intended) - it occurred to her that it would make complete sense if artstamps were transparent instead of rubber. She wanted to make completely transparent/ clear artstamps that you could see right through, even through the handle. So she designed and patented her clever Clarity handles, with the funky grip, and launched a concept which was to change the look and function of artstamps the world over. See-through stamps are everywhere now, but, as our Barbara so rightly points out, nobody ever copied a bad idea, did they?


One thing is very evident though, especially now, with the power of competitive comparison: Claritystamps are still the best in the world. Not only do we bring over two decades of manufacturing experience to the table, but our stamps are made from top-quality photopolymer resin, with each and every one hand-poured, hand-cut and hand-finished. You can see at a glance how beautifully, deeply etched Claritystamps are - the resin durometer (hardness of the material) also ensures a crisp print and a very hard-wearing stamp, resulting in perfectly sharp images every time.


Why photopolymer resin, and not silicone or acrylic?

Photopolymer clear stamps are not to be confused with silicone or acrylic stamps; they may also be see-through, but they are not the same thing and do not perform in the same way. Photopolymer resin is intended to take ink, whereas silicone and acrylic don't take ink in the same way, and as such the reproduction is not as effective. They may be less expensive, but the proof is in the print!


Claritystamps are also heat-resistant when using fusible film and fibre techniques, and will not distort or melt, even when used with molten embossing powders and hot waxes. 


Just how good are Claritystamps, then?

Rather than blow our own trumpets, we'd rather let the results speak for themselves; from 2010 to 2015, Claritystamp has consecutively been voted winner of the Best Rubber Stamping Range by the Crafts Beautiful and British Crafts Awards, and Barbara herself has been voted Best Overall Designer since 2013!

What else have Claritystamp done?

We've also created a standard for high-quality art stencils that are durable, sturdy and easy to manage. Featuring a wealth of designs in a variety of styles and sizes, our stencils are designed to be used with a variety of media and materials, and can be used over and over again with no loss of definition.

In 2015 we launched our highly-successful Groovi® parchment system; created with the intent of making the delightful artform of parchment crafting accessible to everyone, this ever-increasing collection enables everyone and anyone to create fantastic designs using a technique that traditionally requires great skill, time and patience.

Of course, we're always planning fresh and innovative products, so you can guarantee that in 2016 and beyond, we'll be releasing all-new items that will appeal to all and sundry!